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About Us


Hold On is the power shot that enhances energy, while supporting general health & wellbeing, by aiding carbohydrate metabolism.

The Hold On consumers are athletes, ski bunnies, parents, basketballers, and entrepreneurs who were sick and tired of having to chug caffeine-based, sugary energy drinks to do more, go further, lift more or just be more of ourselves.

 When we looked into it, we discovered those synthetic caffeine-based “energy shots” rob you of energy and vitality in the long run for a short-term boost. So over time, you end up with less energy, less vitality, and less health. The irony is that, when you reach for an energy drink, it’s probably when you’re doing an activity that you hope will help you to be healthier. Madness!

 We wanted to buck the trend, go out on a limb, rage against the machine… you get the idea. We believe that a true energy shot should not only give you an energy boost but should also be sustainable and support your health & wellbeing.

 So, we did something about it.

 Long story short, with the help of our scientific research team, which has 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we developed Hold On. The world’s first power shots that not only gives you an energy boost, enhances alertness and promotes physical endurance.  Hold On also is rich in antioxidants to reduce free radicals forming in your body, supports collagen formation, healthy skin & connective tissue health.

Hold On is pioneering a new segment that places it firmly as an offering for the consumer that slots between energy drinks/shots & the latest Kombucha wellness trend. Whether you’re about to compete at an elite level, hit the gym, manage your metabolism, get fit or need a sustainable boost of energy for the big day, we’ve got you covered.
Find your energy and wellness solution from our Hold On Power, Wellness or Lifestyle Shot range: Elite Sport, Performance, Slim+Balance and Immunity+Energy.

Hold On Power Shots contain no sugar and are packed with the optimum blend of functional natural actives and fruit to provide you with a delicious hit of natural goodness. Hold-On Power Shots are the easy and delicious way to quickly enhance physical endurance, reduce free radicals formed in your body, support your skin health, enhance mental alertness; all packed with a natural energy hit.
They are the first Power Shot to help convert (state food) into energy, aids carbohydrate metabolism in healthy individuals & maintain healthy skin.